IKEA summer 2016

Decorating with Brazilian influences

This summer, home & garden decor is flirting with Brazilian patterns, colours and flavours. It’s all about bright colours, playful patterns, rattan, lush palm plants and tropical patterned wallpapers. IKEA combines the best of both worlds, Swedish and Brazilian design,  in the limited collection TILLFÄLLE. Be inspired by the simplicity of Sweden and playfulness of Brazil. Even though the two countries recognize many similarities in design and architecture, this new design collection celebrates the difference between Swedish and Brazilian lifestyle. For the new furniture, textiles and tableware the IKEA designers traveled to Sao Paulo and came back with suitcases full of ideas. The result is the TILLFÄLLE product line. A limited edition that is in stores now.

IKEA summer 2016IKEA summer 2016IKEA summer 2016IKEA summer 2016IKEA summer 2016IKEA summer 2016IKEA summer 2016

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