I want to get lost in Mykonos town

White washed houses with brightly coloured wooden doors, balconies and stairs fences. Narrow slithering streets, steep stairs, and quaint alleys overgrown with bougainville and boasting with large succulents. Mykonos town, or Chora as it’s called by the locals, is truly the most mesmerizing and magical city I have ever been to. It is a labyrinth of picturesque narrow streets you would like to get lost in over and over again. Around every corner, and peeping through each tiny courtyard you discover another beautiful sight. The best way to explore Mykonos town is to just roam around, and allow yourself to get lost!

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Little family chapels

Chora is the capital of the Greek island Mykonos and a typical Cycladic village. In some streets you will see how the locals live in bright blocked houses with small chapels, which is typical, since a lot of Greek families have their own family chapel adjacent to their home. Colourful shutters keep the sun out, while laundry hangs drying in the sun.

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Watch the locals early in the morning

On some corners street vendours sell fresh fruit, produce and flowers from the trunk of their van. This is in sheer contrast to a few streets further where cute, tiny shops lure in the tourists with beautiful and colourful summer wear and souvenirs. Especially in the evening the streets are bustling and fun to shop. If you would like to photograph the city, it’s better to go early in the morning, like I did, to capture the authenticity and local atmosphere at its best. In early morning streets are desolate and the only local you are bound to run into is Petros the Pelican who is roaming the alleys for audience to awe and snap photos of him.

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  1. It’s a wonderful island, Louise! I’ve been two times so far and I could go over and over again. And it’s nice to see that Petros is always there:-))

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