mykonos - little venice

Where Mykonos town meets the sea

Mykonos, the islands of winds as it is often referred to, has some amazing postcard views and romantic spots to ensure a perfect holiday. The picturesque city, Chora, is located near the sea and makes an excellent place to stroll and enjoy the quintessential Greek architecture and island life. At the old port you can sit near the shore with a glass of wine and enjoy the view of small brightly coloured fisherman boats. Especially in summer it is a welcoming spot as the sea breeze cools you down. Another favourite hot sot among tourists is  Little Venice.  Overlooking the southwest end of the harbor, it was here that many early ship captains decided to settle down and built uniquely magnificent homes overlooking the sea. Today, many of these historic homes have been transformed into a variety of cozy restaurants, bars, shops and nightclubs.

And then there are the iconic windmills. Four authentic grain mills from the 16th century tower on top of a slope overlooking the old harbour with views on Little Venice. Mykonos town is truly a magical place!

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