Where Mykonos town meets the sea

mykonos - little venice

Mykonos, the islands of winds as it is often referred to, has some amazing postcard views and romantic spots to ensure a perfect holiday. The picturesque city, Chora, is located near the sea and makes an excellent place to stroll and enjoy the quintessential Greek architecture and island life. At the old port you can […]

City trip Berlin

Berlin, the city of artists, hipsters, funky and eclectic crowds and hip and trendy scenes. My first visit to Berlin was in 1990, only a few months after the wall fell. I was there on an exchange program with highschool and lived with a Berlin family. Every day we went on field trips with our […]

Au revoir Paris, next: Berlin

I hope you enjoyed this week’s shopping tips from Paris. To end this week Parisian chic I would like to share the best of Paris in 10 photos. Mind you, that I have over 500 photos so it’s not an easy task. There is so much that makes Paris what it is besides the Eiffel […]