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Berlin, the city of artists, hipsters, funky and eclectic crowds and hip and trendy scenes. My first visit to Berlin was in 1990, only a few months after the wall fell. I was there on an exchange program with highschool and lived with a Berlin family. Every day we went on field trips with our class to explore Berlin and its culture and history. I remember vividly how I and my friends were slashing into the wall to get a piece of history. I’m so happy I did and I’m cherishing my piece of the wall, a souvenir that is part of history, for the rest of my life.

My second visit was in December 2011. This time I was less impressed. I mostly visited former West-Berlin, the busy shopping streets and the Christmas markets. The fantastic memories of 1990 could not be topped.

And last week was my third visit to Berlin. This time I prepared by asking my German friends where to go, by reading blogs, and by making a “to do list”. I had a fabulous time. Berlin is boasting beautiful architecture and details, all you have to do is either look up or down, go off the beaten track, and experience the city mindfully. Today I’d like to share a few of my photos of this colourful and lively city to warm up for coming week when I’ll share all of my tips on where to eat, sleep and shop.

Berlin streetlife Berlin tram Berlin wall berlin water put

balconies berlin

Outside second hand bookshop Quaria in Graefestraβe in Kreuzberg I discovered this pile of old books with a vintage typewriter. Isn’t that a creative way to draw attention to your shop?bookstore berlin facades berlin

Berlin traffic light

Berlin trabant

The Fernsehturm early morning is nearly invisible as it towers in a thick blanket of fog.

fernsehturm in mist

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  1. Lovely to see your amazing images of Berlin. I also first went to Berlin in 1991, just after the wall had fallen and I loved the diversity of the East and West, which still existed then. I would love to go back one day to discover how the city has changed and adapted to it’s changes. Looking forward to reading the rest of your blog posts and getting inspired to book my flight.

  2. No we have no plans just yet. We have two children so we are always on the look out for cheap flights to city destinations and many of our trips are planned around the cost of the flights but we will certainly go back one day.

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