Berlin hot spot: The Between Time pop-up exhibition

While I was visiting Berlin I got to see an amazing pop-up exhibition called Between Time. The exhibition only runs from 10-22 September 2013 so I feel very lucky to have seen this very exclusive showcase. Luxurious fine furnishings, modern antiques, and art are beautifully exposed in a contrasting rustic and raw showroom on Mauerstrasse 85. The furniture and art is curated by internationally renowned interior architect Gisbert Pöppler and vintage furniture dealer, Erik Hofstetter.

The handpicked decor is like a still life painting. Furniture pieces of different era are mixed and matched into an artistic spectacle and set against this 19th century ruin with bare walls and decayed architectural elements.

Between Time_DvB_1 Between Time_DvB_3

Between Time_DvB_5 Between Time_DvB_7 Between Time_DvB_12

All photos of Between Time – A Curated Showcase of Fine Furnishings and Art are photographed by  David Becker

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2 thoughts on “Berlin hot spot: The Between Time pop-up exhibition

  1. I’m glad you got to se that. I had seen this advertised and let some Berliner Bloggers know but I don’t think they managed to go.

    It looks heavenly and I’m sure it was every bit as exciting as I have imagined it.

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