Me-time and lowering the bar

I hardly ever write about my private life, because although I love to share my travel experiences, recipes and products I have and use, I do feel there are boundaries to what I share and what is private. As you might have noticed, if you’re a regular reader, is that I’m blogging less than you’re […]

De-stress and detox at Het Massagehuys in Amsterdam

A few weeks ago I got to try out the newly opened Oriental massage salon ‘Het Massagehuys‘ in Amsterdam. I was in dire need of a massage to detoxify my aching body and relax my tense muscles. The new massage salon is situated in Amsterdam west, an upcoming neighbourhood where a multicultural street scene and […]

Bliss in a Box: The Velves Sensebox

With that relaxing summer holiday still fresh on your mind, and a fair amount of back to work/school days  already ticked, we start to long for me-time again. Time to relax and pamper ourselves. Time to rejuvenate and soothe our senses. Time to get off that treadmill. Another holiday would be nice right now, but […]

When life gives you lemons

When life gives you lemons you really start to appreciate life’s simple joys. Although a lot of people THINK they are living a mindful life, it usually takes a life changing experience to discover that you were actually living a privileged life. I recently found this Ted talk where Neil Pashricha tells us how he […]

How to design your bespoke Nikes with Liberty London prints

Summer is knocking on our doors so time to break into a sweat, both literally and figuratively. Extra visits to the gym, and power walks outside require decent sneakers. I’m a loyal Nike customer and my current crush is the latest Nike Liberty London collection. In 2009 and last year Nike already teamed up with Liberty […]

The Nike Studio Wrap

Nike…they just did it again! Their new concept the Nike Studio Wrap is the perfect solution for all of us who are doing barefoot sports like Pilates, Yoga or Barclass. It’s a three-part footwear system that solves the hygiene issue we all have with walking bare foot in the gym. Another familiar problem is slipping […]

The Power of We – Put a smile on the face of a child

Today it’s Blog Action Day. Founded in 2007, Blog Action Day brings together bloggers from different countries, interests and languages to blog about one important global topic on the same day. Close to 2,000 bloggers from 108 countries have registered to take part. The theme this year is “The Power of We“: a celebration of people […]