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While we’re in total lockdown in the Netherlands, I’m embracing the holiday season more than ever before. Have a look at my Christmas home!

Happy December! While we’re in total lockdown in the Netherlands, I’m embracing the holiday season more than ever before. Like many people I went all out this year with more string lights, evergreen and garlands than is good for me. I’m sincerely enjoying the lockdown this way, it’s so cozy! In the evening when I light all candles my home is suddenly a magical place. When I put up the Christmas tree early November, my vision was to create a nostalgic Christmas decor. I think I’ve succeeded in that, now that I’ve dressed my table and I’m done decorating the rest of the house. Have a look!

My Christmas tablescape

Nostalgia means traditions so that’s why I chose to include the traditional Italian Christmas cake, Panettone, in my tablescape. Each guest gets a small Panettone as a gift to take home. The colour scheme of my table decor is the same as my tree and wreath: red, gold and black. I created a centerpiece by adorning a pine garland with fresh eucalyptus, ornaments and candy canes. Natural garlands are a great way to infuse your space with pine fragrance if you have an artificial tree and it’s a fun project to create. Miniature bells function as name card holders.

Creating a focal point

To avoid clutter and an overwhelming decor, I always choose to create one focal point in a space where I go all out and I keep the rest of the space parred down. In the livingroom, the seating area around the TV is my focal point. I decorated the TV console with another natural garland filled with a string of lights, candy cane ornaments and faux berry branches. On the coffee table I centered a brass serving platter with candles, ornaments and a gingerbread fragrance diffuser. By combining different heights, shapes, textures and materials you create balance and an interesting still life.

On the side cabinet there’s another small Christmas decor of candles, tealights, baubles and glittering miniature trees. Again I’m using different textures, heights to make it interesting. As you can see I always add in some natural elements like evergreen, fruit, or flowers. Next to the cabinet there’s a group of vases with different flowers and evergreen. Don’t be afraid to combine clashing colours like red, orange and pink. As you can see, it makes a unique bouquet. Add some sparkle by winding a string light around the vase.

The Christmas tree

I found some last-minute tree ornaments that matched my theme and are a wonderful addition. I also have a new swivel chair from Eichholtz in a teddy fabric. It’s the ultimate “curl up and read a book”chair and it matches my cocooning mood perfectly. This year, I’m wrapping my gifts in fabric pouches instead of paper to be environmental-friendly. I kept it in the same color scheme as the rest of the house. I hope that you were able to get some inspiration and styling tips for your own home.

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