Scenic Views at Sunset in Mykonos

When the sun sets, Mykonos turns into one of the most magical places I’ve visited yet. The sky is painted an array of blushing pink, radiant yellow and hot orange hues. The white washed houses intensify the glow even more. And as the sun drowns into the horizon the old harbour and Little Venice are lightened up as a mystical town against the island’s rolling hills. Mykonos town is a stunning spectacle during sunset, that should not be missed when visiting the Greek island. Words can’t describe the experience nor can photos as you miss out on the sounds of the town and the sea, and the sense of the cooling sea breeze through your hair. It is that quintessential moment you would describe as: “You just had to be there”.

sunset mykonosIMG_1243mykonos sunset IMG_1248mykonos at sunsetIMG_1251mykonos in the eveningIMG_7675IMG_7680IMG_7674IMG_1241IMG_1240IMG_1246mykonos churchIMG_1334edFor more Mykonos tips read my other blog posts here.


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  1. These are beautiful images, you have totally captured the essence of Mykonos. I visited 13 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter, and I can’t wait to return. Your reports have really inspired me to take my daughter back next summer.

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