Noordwijk Beach hot spot: Beach Club O

I’m a real beach junkie. I couldn’t imagine living somewhere where there is no beach in a 20 km radius of my home. Whenever I get a chance, I go to the beach either to have a stroll, dinner, or to get a tan. I also love to just sit and take things in or collect shells for my home: see here my blog post Life’s a Beach. There are 3 different beaches close by, but I usually go to Noordwijk Beach. My favourite spot to hang out is Beach Club O. The beach club is hip, trendy and classy with a Key West meets St Tropez kind of feeling. They always have relaxing lounge tunes on, and the food is delicious. The sun beds out on the beach, that are extremely comfortable, can be rented for 10 euros per day. On windy days you can also rent an additional wind shield. At night, they serve up some of the best food in the area.



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