Beachclub Tulum Noordwijk

Beachclub Tulum Noordwijk

Today is another beautiful Indian summer day here in the Netherlands. On days like these I love to go to the beach for a walk and a drink on the terrace of one of the beach clubs. My new favourite in Noordwijk is Beachclub Tulum. I just love the interior and atmosphere, not to mention […]

Hotel to Heart: Vesper Hotel in Noordwijk

Noordwijk is one of the Netherlands’ best beach resorts, if you ask me. Since it’s close to my home, I go to Noordwijk quite often. Besides the long stretch beach and popular beach clubs like De Branding, or Beach Club O, it also has a few nice restaurants, coffee bars and shops, like e.g. Jackie […]

Noordwijk hot spot: Jackie Cafe & conceptstore

A fairly new hot spot in Noordwijk, only steps from the boulevard and beach, is Jackie Cafe & conceptstore. With its striking interior boasting design lamps, furniture and stools, the cafe draws in young and old. The space is divided in two parts, the cafe and the concept store where the fashion forward customer can […]

Noordwijk Beach Hot spot: Beachclub Branding

If you’re following me on instagram you might have noticed that I’ve been spending a lot of time at the beach lately. I’m seizing every sunny day to work on my tan, for as long as it lasts. Although the past four days have been cooler, they forecast yet another warm front by the end […]

Noordwijk Beach hot spot: Beach Club O

I’m a real beach junkie. I couldn’t imagine living somewhere where there is no beach in a 20 km radius of my home. Whenever I get a chance, I go to the beach either to have a stroll, dinner, or to get a tan. I also love to just sit and take things in or […]

Life’s a Beach

It’s summertime and that means, in the Netherlands at least, that you have to catch every ray of sunlight as if it were your last, cause you never know what the weather will be the next day. So that’s what I did last week. Ceasing the moment, and collecting small memorabilia of happiness for worse days ahead; […]