Weekendtip: Designkwartier in The Hague

Yesterday I went to the annual, and 4th design festival 'Designkwartier' (translation: design quarter) in The Hague's lively quarter the 'zeeheldenbuurt'. This annual event lasts 3 days, from 19-21 May, so there's still one more day to go. The quarter 'zeeheldenbuurt' is transformed into a design quarter with over hundred inspiring expositions, pop-up shops, galleries, open houses, workshops and other activities. Novel talent and renowned designers showcase new and popular home decor designs. … [Read more...]

Greek Flower Wreaths

When I was in Greece in early May, I noticed that most homes and shops had a flower wreath hanging above or next to their door. Naturally I was intrigued by it, and soon found out it is a typical Greek tradition called Protomagia, the Festival of Flowers. Annually, on May 1st, the Greek celebrate spring and their flowers. They decorate their doors or facade with wreaths of various handpicked flowers to welcome nature and spring. The wreaths stay there until June 24, the day of  Saint John the … [Read more...]

Leiden Festival Weekend

The annual Leiden Laken (cloth) Festival and the Leiden Food Festival have come to an end. The 4-day event (Thu-Sun) treated us, like every year, to a lot of fun activities and great food in the historical city center of Leiden. The Leiden cloth festival refers to the flourishing textile industry in Leiden in the 17th century. It's one of the biggest events of the year with dragon boat races, markets, and street musicians. In the cobbled streets around the Pieters church you could … [Read more...]

Amsterdam Light Festival

Christmas is all about lights. So what I love to do, is walk around in my neighbourhood and see how neighbours illuminated their gardens and windows. And if that isn't enough, there is always the Amsterdam Light Festival! From December 7th till January 20th you can enjoy the Boulevard of Light. Between the Amstel Hotel and the Munt, the river, bridges and public buildings undergo a true metamorphosis when they are illuminated. You can also see contemporary spectacular light sculptures like e.g. … [Read more...]

On the bucketlist: The Bregenz Festival

From July 18 till August 18, Lake Constance in Austria will for the 67th time be the stage of the grand annual event: the Bregenz Festival - Opera on the Lake. And even if you don't like opera, this event  is such a special experience, that it should be on anyone's bucket list. On the lake is in fact a floating stage, built in unusual proportions and amazing designs. The production (light, sound, costumes, theater, live orchestra) is phenomenal and has been a big deal annually since 1945. All … [Read more...]

Doe de Drakendans

Eindelijk weer eens een erop uit tip! Gisteren was het Chinees Nieuwjaar en daarom zijn er in verschillende steden,  met een grote populatie Chinezen, deze week optochten, vuurwerk en activiteiten. Mooi om eens mee te maken! Zo is er op woensdag 25 januari aanstaande het Rotterdams Chinees Nieuwjaarsfestival. Het festival begint om 12 uur in de middag met een spectaculaire openingsceremonie, waar Leeuwen- en Drakendansers met een knetterend vuurwerk tot leven worden gewekt. In een … [Read more...]