On the bucketlist: The Bregenz Festival

From July 18 till August 18, Lake Constance in Austria will for the 67th time be the stage of the grand annual event: the Bregenz Festival – Opera on the Lake. And even if you don’t like opera, this event  is such a special experience, that it should be on anyone’s bucket list. On the lake is in fact a floating stage, built in unusual proportions and amazing designs. The production (light, sound, costumes, theater, live orchestra) is phenomenal and has been a big deal annually since 1945. All world-famous operas were staged here. Daily, it draws hundreds of spectators. This year the floating stage is 24 meters high and will tower above the lake with the opera Andre Chenier Umberto Giorano. Tickets start at € 48 and go up to € 288 for those who don’t want to sit in the nose bleeding zone. Just have a look at the spectacular floating stages over the years. You’ll be amazed!

2012 – Andre Chenier stage – Photography: Karl Forster

1992 – Carmen – Photography Karl Forster

2010 – Aida Photography: andrearte

2002 – La Boheme, Photography: Karl Forster

2000 – A Masked Ball – Photography Benno Hagleitner

1996 – Fidelio – Photography Karl Forster

2010 – Aida – Photography andreart

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