Grace Kelly, Princess & Style Icon Exhibition

Last week I visited the ‘Grace Kelly, Princess & Style Icon‘ exhibition in the royal Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn. I’m still in awe by the beauty of Grace Kelly and the design dresses that are on display. Moreover, Palace Het Loo is the perfect location for this exquisite exhibition and shouldn’t be missed either. I will dedicate a separate blog post to the palace and its gardens and grounds later this week. The exhibition is produced by Grimaldi Forum Monaco and Palace Het Loo, based on a display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.


The exhibition is a feast for the eyes with clothes, accessories, film clips and photographs that bring to life again the tale of the princess from one of Europe’s oldest royal houses. Princess Grace was born Grace Patricia Kelly (1929-1982) in the United States. As a style icon she was one of the most photographed women in the twentieth century and was avidly followed by the media in her successful life as an American film star, royal bride and princess of Monaco. Her beauty, character, talents and the dedication and discipline she brought to her role as film star and princess made her unforgettable and inspiring. Her pulled together and sophisticated – but never showy fashion and hairstyle is legendary and copied by many.Grace Kelly expositie by Menno Mulder Photography-8IMG_2940

Visitor can expect to see effortless elegance and sophistication.  The exhibition presents over 50 of Grace Kelly’s gowns and dresses, along with some of her accessories in the style and glamour of an era gone by. Many of the designs are by her favourite designer Marc Bohan from the Dior fashion house.grace-kelly-expositie-by-menno-mulder-photography-48IMG_9048

When Grace Kelly won the Academy Award for Best Actress for “The Country Girl” in 1954, she wore a gorgeous seafoam gown designed by famed Hollywood costume designer Edith Head.


Grace wore this gown to a prize giving ceremony in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It is a good example of Grace Kelly’s preference for subdued but luxurious evening clothes.

grace-kelly-expositie-by-menno-mulder-photography-7 grace-kelly-expositie-by-menno-mulder-photography-10IMG_9050

The exhibition also showcases a replica of her wedding dress, accompanied by private photos and documents.Grace Kelly expositie by Menno Mulder Photography-4grace-kelly-expositie-by-menno-mulder-photography-14 Grace Kelly expositie by Menno Mulder Photography-11 Grace Kelly expositie by Menno Mulder Photography-5

Although Grace Kelly was modest in accessorizing, she is famous for it nevertheless. Her turbans instead of hats, and her XL sunglasses are legendary fashion items. Originally named “sac à dépêches” when it was first produced in 1935, the Hermès bag was renamed the Kelly bag in 1956 after Grace Kelly carried it in front of her to hide her pregnant belly. The Hermès Kelly bag is still one of the most coveted bags today.grace-kelly-expositie-by-menno-mulder-photography-29 grace-kelly-expositie-by-menno-mulder-photography-35Grace Kelly liked to accessorize with brooches. A small selection of her brooches is also on display.Grace Kelly expositie by Menno Mulder Photography-6Due to popular demand Paleis Het Loo is extending the exhibition ‘Grace Kelly, Princess and Style Icon’ to 4 January 2015. More than 150,000 visitors have visited the palace since the exhibition opened in early June.

credits: Unless indicated otherwise the photos are taken by Menno Mulder


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  1. She was just so beautiful! I love the way the exhibition put the dresses together with the photos of when she wore it so that you can see how the way she carried herself really added to the dresses. I saw the Cartier exhibit in Paris last year and Grace Kelly definitely liked her sparkle. A true style icon.

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