Thanksgiving Wreath

I love to make my own wreath and floral arrangements for the holidays. Have you also noticed that lush and asymmetrical wreaths are trending? Another trend I also noticed is the use of succulents in wreaths and bouquets. Inspired by the many pictures on pinterest and blogs I created a small wreath with eucalyptus, dahlias, […]

Dress your Table for Thanksgiving

I love the colour palette that is currently trending in interior design and Christmas decorations: pale pink, rusty brown, and warm burgundy combined with copper and gold. The funny thing is that these colours were also hip in 2002 when I bought my home. Consequently, I have a whole stock of burgundy and rusty brown […]

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Countdown to Thanksgiving has started! Are you still in doubt how to dress your table next week? Then just keep following my blog because this week I’m sharing more Thanksgiving inspiration, starting with another Thanksgiving tablescape. Whoever said autumn is about dark and moody colours, might want to think that over again, because with today’s […]

Thanksgiving Flower arrangement

Vivid yellow and orange blooms are the most used flowers in Thanksgiving flower arrangements. But if you use the colour scheme of yesterday’s table setting, it might come of as too much of the same. Ton-sur-ton sometimes just doesn’t work. A moody, burgundy red, deep purple and a vibrant red would pair better and gives the […]

Thanksgiving table setting

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and somehow I’m less pre-occupied with it than other years. It might have something to do with the nice weather, and prolonged summer, creating a feeling of early autumn instead of mid November. What I love most about Thanksgiving is developing and experimenting with new recipes, and creating […]

Tabletop Styling e-course

My favourite part of the holidays or dinner parties is setting the table. I like it so much that I made a small business out of it, and style tables for people in my network. Everyone has its own signature or distinctive way of doing things. Therefore I was thrilled to learn that California based […]

White and Gold Tablescape for Thanksgiving

Only twelve more days till Thanksgiving. Have you decided on your tablesetting yet? Last year I posted a few inspirational tablescapes: modern crafty, shabby chic white with green, and a sophisticated and chic table. This year I would like to inspire you with a white and golden styling with pink and purple natural accents. As […]