I love to make my own wreath and floral arrangements for the holidays. Have you also noticed that lush and asymmetrical wreaths are trending? Another trend I also noticed is the use of succulents in wreaths and bouquets. Inspired by the many pictures on pinterest and blogs I created a small wreath with eucalyptus, dahlias, a succulent and berries.Thanksgiving wreath by 30s Magazine

I first covered the mold with moss and tightened it with wire. I then used rope to tighten the eucalyptus branch by branch on top of one another like roof top tiling. I used pins to attach the succulent and blooms. Two cinnamon sticks are the finishing touch. Keep the wreath out of the sun so it will last longer. Mine is still gorgeous after 3 days in the Dutch cool temperatures. To keep it even longer you can also store it in the fridge over night.

IMG_3557 IMG_3564 IMG_3566

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