5 Tips to set the perfect Thanksgiving table

Creating a beautiful tablescape that complements the food isn’t that hard. When you approach it organized and with vision, you will see that you can set the table within minutes with tableware and things you already have. So let’s talk about my 101 table setting tips for any holiday or dinner party.IMG_3616

1. Choose your colour scheme

Once you know your menu you can decide on a colour scheme that’ll make the food look even better. Plan your table decor around the food and use colours that are in contrast with the food or enhance its colours. Stick to one or two colours at most. IMG_3618

2. Use candles

Candle light creates ambiance and warmth to a tablescape. It also enhances the decor by adding a different height than the flowers and other decoration materials.IMG_3635

3. Incorporate nature

Besides using flowers and greenery as a centerpiece, also think about incorporating other natural elements like foliage, fruits, or wood dispersed on the table or in the middle as a table runner. IMG_3636IMG_3642

4. Add in a DIY 

I always add in a DIY project as a signature to make the table setting authentic and personalize each place setting. The name place card or napkin ring are both ideal DIY projects that will not take up too much of your time. Small details are what make a tablescape perfect.IMG_3628

5. Keep it simple

Keep your settings relaxed, clean and simple. Even though you might be tempted to bring out all your antique silverware and crystal, try not to. The decor shouldn’t draw away attention from the food or the people around the table. If you do want to use special flatware or that antique statement dish you’ve been saving for special ocassions, make a selection and mix it with more simpler tableware. That way it will be a real eye catcher and conversation starter.IMG_3632

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