5 Tips to set the perfect Thanksgiving table

Creating a beautiful tablescape that complements the food isn’t that hard. When you approach it organized and with vision, you will see that you can set the table within minutes with tableware and things you already have. So let’s talk about my 101 table setting tips for any holiday or dinner party. 1. Choose your […]

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Countdown to Thanksgiving has started! Are you still in doubt how to dress your table next week? Then just keep following my blog because this week I’m sharing more Thanksgiving inspiration, starting with another Thanksgiving tablescape. Whoever said autumn is about dark and moody colours, might want to think that over again, because with today’s […]

Autumn tablescape: capture the season with sophistication

I love to throw dinner parties, and in my circle of friends and family I am occasionally referred to as the Dutch Martha Stewart. What I love about entertaining is to create a theme or concept and execute it to the smallest detail. I have an obscene collection of table runners and -cloths, napkins, napkin rings, cutlery […]