Un Esprit en Plus home accessories

Yesterday I visited a store in the north of Rotterdam with exclusive home accessories brands to cozify your home. A brand that really stood out, and which I just love is Un Esprit en Plus. It’s a French brand, founded by two siblings whose aim is to transform simple materials into creative and esthetic objects, with boldness and elegance. A lot of their products are hand-made and real artisan work.

I loved the big bulky Marseille soap on an olive branch, made of 70% vegetable oil-based oil to wash your hands or clothes. Another favourite were the steel magnetic boards in the profile of famous Paris landmarks. I also liked the branch magnets, and the scented candles (Verveine or Fig) which come with a chalk label. You can write down your message on the label and stick it into the candle to give it that extra personal touch. Un Esprit en Plus, a brand that lifts my spirit!

(all products are available  at the French webstore of Un Esprit en Plus)

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