Book review: My Little French Kitchen

I'm overjoyed with my new cookbook by Rachel Khoo: My Little French Kitchen. If you have been following my blog from the start, you know that I also have her other cookbook and that I often use her recipes in my blog posts. The reason why I love her recipes is that they are not too difficult, they require common ingredients, and the food makes you feel like you are really in France. The flavours transport you to Paris, the France country and small French villages. Her new cookbook is no … [Read more...]

Picnic in the Park with Clafoutis

Transport yourself back to your vacation in the France country side with a classic homemade clafoutis and sweet strawberry lemonade.  During these late summer afternoons indulge in season's blushing cherries, blueberries, and strawberry sweetness, and organize a laid down picnic with friends or family. No fuss, no overtly difficult meals, just dessert, tasty fruit and drinks.  It won't be long till a crisp wind will make us crawl up on our couches again with a blanket and hot chocolate. So you … [Read more...]

Book review: The French Market Cookbook

Whenever I'm in Paris, I go to one of the many produce markets. So when I found out that food blogger Clotilde Dusoulier had written a book about cooking with seasonal produce I was sold. Clotilde finds that there is a lot more to French food than the classic cuisine. There is regional cooking too which is mostly a peasant diet and rich in plant-based foods and local bounty.  Her book The French Market Cookbook, Vegetarian recipes from my Parisian Kitchen, focuses on cooking with seasonal … [Read more...]

Book review: Romantic French Homes

Take an awe-inspiring journey to the stunning houses in France with one of the latest must-have coffee table books by publisher Cico books: Romantic French Homes by Laniee Goodman. For a moment you are swept away into bohemian chic Paris apartments, quirky seaside homes, and classic country houses in the Provence. Sophistication of city chic homes is alternated with ski lodges and cottage like interiors. It's truly a collection of the different French styles, with their own individual characters … [Read more...]

Carved in stone

The perfect gift are these graceful and elegant decorative pebbles giving out a subtle fragrance. The exquisite stones have carvings with beautiful messages like Bonheur (luck), Amour (love), and Amitié (friendship). I use them for decorative purposes in the living room, but you can also place them in the bathroom or bedroom, or even in your linen drawer. The scent lasts one to one-and-a-half year. The pebbles are part of a pallet of gentle and elegant accessories by the French brand Mathilde … [Read more...]

DIY: How to create a French Vintage style Picnic to celebrate Fall

Although it's fall, that doesn't mean you have to stay inside. When it's sunny and you have that crisp autumn air, it is wonderful to pack up some blankets, and a basket filled with cheese and wine for a picnic. I created a vintage style picnic under an apple tree with some easy Do It Yourself decorations. Here's how in 5 easy steps: 1. Get some vintage embroidery hoops and different pieces of lace. Attach and glue the lace inside the hoops. Hang the hoops somewhere where the sun beams can … [Read more...]

Un Esprit en Plus home accessories

Yesterday I visited a store in the north of Rotterdam with exclusive home accessories brands to cozify your home. A brand that really stood out, and which I just love is Un Esprit en Plus. It's a French brand, founded by two siblings whose aim is to transform simple materials into creative and esthetic objects, with boldness and elegance. A lot of their products are hand-made and real artisan work. I loved the big bulky Marseille soap on an olive branch, made of 70% vegetable oil-based oil to … [Read more...]