DIY: How to create a French Vintage style Picnic to celebrate Fall

Although it’s fall, that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. When it’s sunny and you have that crisp autumn air, it is wonderful to pack up some blankets, and a basket filled with cheese and wine for a picnic. I created a vintage style picnic under an apple tree with some easy Do It Yourself decorations. Here’s how in 5 easy steps:

1. Get some vintage embroidery hoops and different pieces of lace. Attach and glue the lace inside the hoops. Hang the hoops somewhere where the sun beams can protrude to get that romantic and playful effect.

2. Create a garland by cutting a romantic piece of textile with flowers or a checkered fabric into triangles and tie it to a branch. Also add some strings of lace to give it that whimsical touch  (textiles available at Ikea)

3. Craft a garland of old photographs with string and mini wooden pegs.

4. Decorate juice or milk bottles with lace, doillies, jute, paper or decorative tape and use them as hanging flower vases. I used wire and strings to attach them to a branch. (my bottles are juice bottles from Albert Heijn, and I used spray glue to decorate. The jute is available at pet shops )

5. Create a French vintage style picnic by accessorizing with sunflowers, a wooden crate, a checkered tablecloth, lavender and pumpkins. Opt for typical French Provence gourmet food like cheeses, dijon mustard, baguette, campagnard bread,  dried and freshly picked plums and cherry tomatoes to make it colorful.



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