Book review: Romantic French Homes

Take an awe-inspiring journey to the stunning houses in France with one of the latest must-have coffee table books by publisher Cico books: Romantic French Homes by Laniee Goodman. For a moment you are swept away into bohemian chic Paris apartments, quirky seaside homes, and classic country houses in the Provence. Sophistication of city chic homes is alternated with ski lodges and cottage like interiors. It’s truly a collection of the different French styles, with their own individual characters and charm.

The book is divided into four chapters: 1. Chateaux which covers castles, 2. Bastides that shows us the many beautiful old manors and farmhouses, 3. Maisons Bohemes including bohemian homes of artists and writers, and 4. Maisons Paysannes covering smaller simple homes with a thrifty and humble atmosphere.

The photography by Simon Brown is stunning, capturing the many details and  atmosphere. Watch the video on YouTube channel 30s Magazine LIVE for a short impression:

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