A Royal High Tea

Tucked away on the royal estate De Horsten sits this cute picturesque tea house. It’s also where you’ll find the home of our future king and queen and their family. It is my Sunday afternoon escape, especially in fall or in summer.  And my destination to photograph winter in full ornate, like yesterday when it snowed again. In fall I like to walk the grounds to enjoy fall foliage (see here), and in summer to cool of in the shade of the trees. After the nature walk I end up at the tea house which used to be the hunting lodge of Prince Frederik, brother of King  William II. In winter you can sit inside in an interior filled with trophies and antlers on the wall or outside near the fire. The tea house is built in Tudor-Gothic style which gives it an almost whimsical view when you approach it in the woods. In summer the terrace is overgrown by grape vines and you can enjoy the chirps of birds and rabbits hopping by while indulging a summer salad and fresh summer fruit. Their high teas are splendid with scones, and sweet and savoury delicacies. A must-visit if you are ever in the area!

theehuis de Horsten theehuis de Horsten IMG_1214 IMG_1215

IMG_1224 high tea de Horsten high tea de Horsten Wassenaar IMG_1231

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  1. In 1997 I got married and we held our reception with a stunning Weddingcake here,
    it will always be a special place for us, thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures! (We are still happily married!!!)

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