Christmas Trend: A pared down Christmas decor

I’m in the midst of decking the halls, what about you? For Dutch standards I’m super early, but for American and British standards I’m either spot on, or a week late. Although I have to say the Dutch are catching up on the Anglo Saxon Christmas tradition pretty quickly these days. The Christmas spirit is quickly taking over the shopping scene and soon the homes as well. Decorating your home can be stressful, especially if you have an abundant, and chic style of setting your perfect holiday scene. A fast-growing trend however, is that people like sticking to a pared-down decor.  A style that embraces natural materials and a subdued color palette. The details are in greenery and materials that give a nod to nature in the midst of winter’s chill. By using soothing and subtle shades like grey tones, white, blues and browns you create a simple, pared down atmosphere. The only bling are some silver details, that are reminiscent of ice and mirror the cool color palette. Christmas trees are left bauble-free with only a simple garland and candles are used to add sparkle and warmth.

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To cozy up and to add texture to the space one uses linen, faux fur and warm knits. Sometimes a little splash of green or red is makes just the right statement. Some people even opt to skip the tree and instead make a scrap wood tree, or create a tree on the wall with a string of light bulbs. I love to look at this style, although I would never do it in my own home.

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photo credits: 1 + 15 my own | 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11 and 12 Glenn Proebstel for H& M Home | 3 Helt Enkelt | 8 Est Magazine |9 unknown |10 Oisoioi | 13 the prop dispensary

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