rustic christmas and flowers moodboard

Moodboarding for a Christmas Decor with Flowers


Yesterday I already revealed this year’s theme for Christmas. Each year I carefully think of a theme and a colour scheme and I use that in everything; from the decorations, to the gift wrapping and the advent calendar. You might remember my Audrey Hepburn Christmas moodboards, dessert table and Christmas decor incl the Audrey wreath and gift wrapping.

So first I start with the (1) colour scheme plus a metallic. This year I opted for copper rose, blush pink, marsala, burgundy, terracotta, and warm copper tones. As a metallic I chose copper. (other options are silver, gold, diamond, brass) Next, I decide on the (2) theme. I decided on a floral Christmas. And last I choose a (3) style. This was hard because would I go for chic, or rustic? Eventually I did a mix of both. The last step is (4) making moodboards with the accessories and fabrics you are going to use. Curious to see how I translated this in my decor yet?
rustic christmas and flowers moodboardmoodboard 3floral theme christmas moodboardcolour schememoodboard 1moodboarding for Christmasmoodboard 4

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