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Christmas Gift Wrapping with Flowers

gift wrapping with flowers - 30s Magazine

Flowers are the universal gift of friendship and love. But when it comes to Christmas, the colorful luxuries of life are often restricted to flower bulbs or the amaryllis in our decor. I, on the other hand, love to create seasonal bouquets, also during Christmas time. Last year for example I blogged about a winter floral arrangement and how to deck the halls with flowers. And a few weeks ago I also touched upon the subject of styling your orchids for Christmas. But even a bunch of pastel roses with eucalyptus brings in that holiday feel we aim to inject into our home decor. Gifting a Christmas bouquet is therefore always a good idea. But today I will also show you how to wrap boxed presents with flowers.

louise met flowers

Gift wrapping with flowers doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use real flowers. You can get an equally romantic and nostalgic effect by using a floral fabric, floral print paper or ribbons, faux flowers, paper flowers, or even by using gift tags with floral illustrations. It is however important that you stick to a color palette to keep it elegant and sophisticated. I chose to use copper, pink, burgundy and black. If you’re gifting multiple packages it is nice to diversify the packages byusing different color combinations and different materials. So e.g. alternate with faux and real flowers, and with paper and fabric. (the fabric is from Ikea, the gift tags are from Papaya art)
gift wrapping with flowers - 30s Magazinegift wrappinggift wrapping with flowers - 30s Magazinegift wrapping with flowers - 30s Magazine

I also love to bring a homemade gift for the hostess, like cranberry cookies. You can either box them, put them in a large jar with a beautiful ribbon and gift card, or find a nice cookie tin box. I found this box at the Rijksstudio shop.

christmas cookies

Linking flowers to Christmas might seem unusual and not winter-like, but done moderately and with the right colour scheme it works. On pinterest I found a few other examples I really liked. Coming days I will show you that the flower theme can also be implemented in your Christmas home decor.

floral xmas

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