The holidays are coming! My favourite time of the year. And like each year I did some research into the leading trends. So here they are:

Futuristic style

The futuristic Christmas style is one of bling, brilliance, iridescence and transparency. Think futuristic shapes, 3D forms, and a hyper modern look.

Materials: foil, acrylic glass, latex looks, high-gloss and frothy finishes, perforations and embossed surfaces, beading, sequins, crystal, porcelain and glass.

Christmas trend colours 2016futuristicfuturistic-2

Bohemian retro style

The bohemian retro style harks back to the 1970s with flower patterns, paisley, mosaic, and jacquard. It is a mix of casual hippie and boho luxury, of extremely decorative fabrics and soft fur, and contrasting materials abound. You will see trees adorned by dream catchers combined with velvet baubles for example. Ochre yellow and marsala are the trend colours of this style.

Materials: Brocade, embroidery, sequins, feathers, velvet, velour, lurex and lambskin, cotton, canvas, clear glass and plain wood


Christmas trend colours 2016Bloomingville 2016/2017boho-chic

Simple living style

Less is more in this style. Pure, simple, minimalist designs and natural materials create a harmonious and balanced look. Everything is kept simple with neutral tones like light and dark grey to warm shades such as enamel white, vanilla and honey.

Materials: Natural linen, denim, wool, cotton, soft felts, cashmere and merino mingle with superior wood, glass, enamel, ceramics and porcelain.

Christmas trend colours 2016simplicity-2 simplicity

Playful style

This style is full of unexpected decorations and youthful ornaments. Baubles that have nothing to do with Christmas, like watermelons, pineapples and cacti for example. The colours are bold and vibrant.

Materials: denim, tweed and stud effects, geometric patterns and checks through to lacquered finishes, plastics, pressformed materials and natural and dyed wood.

christmas color trends 2016playfulplayful-2

So, which style speaks to you most?


Photo sources: H&M Home, Anthropologie, Bloomingville, &Klevering

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