Amstel boathouse

Dinner at the Amstel Boathouse

Amsterdam has a new hidden gem in the restaurant scene: The Amstel Boathouse. Located a few steps from the Amstel river, and just around the corner of the De Miranda aquatic center I instantly felt a connection with the restaurant. 🙂 The restaurant has an ambiance that transports you right to the Hamptons. The interior is super cozy with a fire place surrounded by inviting armchairs, warm wooden tables, navy blue dining chairs, and many nautical accessories. In winter the perfect sanctuary for comfort and warmth, and in summer when the outside terrace is set up, a great spot to drop by by boat and set shore at their private dock. Another plus? Free parking! But let’s talk food now.


The Amstel Boathouse is open for lunch and dinner, and I can tell you, both menus are finger-licking good. For lunch you can indulge in Fruits des Mers, oysters, or lobster salad, just to name a few dishes. The dinner menu offers seafood, vegetarian, and meat dishes. We personally can recommend the steak tartar with little gem, mustard seed and caramelized onions, and the tuna with five spices and wasabi as entrees. The tuna almost melted on my tongue.

Amstel Boathouse menu Amstel Boathouse menu

As a main we were wowed by the best risotto we ever had. It was topped with grilled sea bass, eel, and dill. A perfect combo of different flavours that enhanced and complemented each other. For dessert we spooned up a banana and passion fruit cake with lemon curd, baked plantain, and white chocolate mousse. As you can see the presentation is top notch, and so is the service.

Amstel Boathouse

Amsteldijk 223

Amstel Boathouse menu Amstel boathouse




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