A Christmas Home Decor inspired by the Middle East

It is always a challenge to decorate my home differently for the holidays. Each year I try to think of a theme that is new yet easily attainable with the decorations and accessories I already have. No one wants to buy a whole new collection of ornaments and baubles each year, I mean, where would I put all of it, right? But just a few purchases of 6 baubles, can already make a huge difference. Last year I had a floral themed Christmas decor. And you may also remember my Audrey Hepburn Christmas home, or my Rustic White winter themed decor. Today I would like to show you how I was inspired by the Middle East when decking the halls.


Color palette: I chose for a color palette of earth tones like:

  • pale pink,
  • marsala,
  • ocher yellow,
  • burgundy,
  • copper orange,
  • toasted almond,
  • rust
  • and cinnamon.

Materials: shiny materials, copper, brass, patterned fabrics, handwoven table cloths, silk and velvet cushions, clay and earth-ware pots, spices

Greenery: cacti and succulents





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