Restaurant Sucede Valencia

A Historical Journey of Flavours at Restaurant Sucede in Valencia

While staying at the Caro Hotel in Valencia, I also had dinner at their fine dining restaurant: Sucede. Dinner at Sucede guarantees a historical journey of flavours and ingredients. I had the Valencian sample menu that takes you on a journey through the different decades of the city with its different cultural influences. The small appetizer-size dishes take you from the Roman occupation, to the Arabic influences and ending with the Christian Spanish era. But not only the flavours transport you back into time, also the way the dishes are presented. Meanwhile, you are surrounded by the remnants of the 15th century, and archaeological treasures of the Arabic wall of Valencia.

Restaurant Sucede Valencia

The interior design of Sucede is a mixture of modern sleek design juxtaposing remnants and archaeological findings like e.g. an impressive gothic arch from the 15th century, and pieces of the city wall dating back to the Muslim occupation. During the day it’s light and airy due to a glass ceiling that creates overhead light. The restaurant is an open space with 3 different areas and a large wine cellar as a room divider.

For more information and reservations visit the Sucede website – Calle del Almirante, 14
Restaurant Sucede ValenciaRestaurant Sucede Valencia restaurant-sucede-valencia-by-30smagazine-1895 Restaurant Sucede Valencia Restaurant Sucede Valencia Restaurant Sucede Valencia Restaurant Sucede Valencia

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