Late summer wine tip: Organic Cochon Volant Rosé

Late summer days beckon for a fresh and fruity rosé. Yesterday was one of those sunny Sundays when I sat outside until late, enjoying a cheese platter and a newly discovered rosé; Organic Cochon Volant. The delicate, clear, pale pink wine, originates from right beneath the Chateau de Carraguilhes in the famous Languedoc Roussillon region in Pays d’Oc, France. Monks were the original winemakers in the 12th century, but since 2005 Pierre Gabison is the winemaker. The vineyard is ECOCERT certified which means it farms fully organically.

How to pair it

Notes of fresh redcurrent give it a zesty flavour and an aromatic freshness to the palate. Organic Cochon Volant rosé is a typical aperitif wine that pairs best with crudités, Niçoise salad, sushi or pizza.

What is Organic Cochon Volant rosé?

Cochon Volant rosé is produced from the Cinsault grape variety in the Pays d’Oc IGP region. It originally comes from the Mediterranean and has developed fruity fragrances and delicate, elegant aromas.

What is an organic wine exactly?

Organic wine can only carry the label organic when the entire production process, from vineyard to bottle, is according to a set of regulations. It is produced with respect for nature, without use of chemicals and artificial manure. One uses merely 100% organic ingredients; grapes, sugar, alcohol. Also the use of sulfate is limited. Sulfate is already naturally present in wine and helps to preserve it. Non-organic wines add more to conserve the wine even better.

How to store the wine

  • Store the bottle before opening on its side to prevent the cork from drying
  • The wine is at its best at a temperature of 11-15 degrees Celsius
  • Keep it stored away from direct sunlight
  • Avoid unnecessary or excessive movements

About Pays D’Oc wines

Pays D’Oc IGP (Indication Geographically Protected) is an official wine quality label. It is also the largest wine region in the world with over 18,000 wineries. For more information:


This blog post was created in collaboration with Pays D’Oc. All opinions are my own.

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