Spring forward with a coffee table makeover

Last week I told you about an interior styling course I’m taking online (for only $10). Although I’m a bit behind on my homework, it is so much fun! And that’s the nice thing about this course, you can do it in your own pace. The teacher gives you online feedback as do other students […]

6 Easter Place settings to impress your guests

Only ten more days till Easter. The Easter brunch table setting is always my highlight as I love to create different festive table tops. I’ve been experimenting with a few sample place settings to inspire you. Which one is your favourite? (for product descriptions/sales points scroll down) 1. a bird’s nest Not all of us […]

A healthy dose of nail polish

Painting your nails on-the-go has never been easier now that I have found the ultimate cure to your winter blues: StrangeBeautiful’s capsule-shaped nail polishes titled Dose, The Color Pill. The nail polish is conveniently stored in small capsules. Bored with your manicure? You just pop a pill and instantly get cured. A bottle of Dose consists […]

Autumnal Splendour

This might be the last weekend to fully enjoy fall’s splendour as the trees’ branches are nearly bare. Today I’m sharing a compilation of four places in urban Holland to enjoy the vibrant colours. 1. Slot Zeist,  2. Meijendel in Wassenaar, 3. Landgoed Elswout in Overveen, and 4. Landgoed de Horsten in Wassenaar. Enjoy the little […]

Bold prints and vivid colours spotted at Maison et Objet

During my visit to Maison et Objet I saw a lot of vivid colours, colorful accents, bold patterns, and bright prints.  Here’s a round up of some brands whose designs turn up the vibrant colour volume for fall and winter. (Please note that some photos may be of less quality as they were taken with […]

Lula fabrics

I always get excited when I find something new that is vibrantly coloured and intricately designed. A hidden gem that is still very exclusive and undiscovered by the masses.  I’m talking about Lula fabrics. Brightly coloured cotton and linen fabrics by South African designer Melissa Kerkhoff  just bring joy to my soul. How much I would like […]

Mini colander

Too cute and so convenient is my new blue mini colander from the PT label of the Present Time brand.  The mini colander is perfect for draining smaller amounts of water and for washing my delicate summer fruit. It comes especially in handy for singles households or when you’re home alone. The PT colander is […]