Spring forward with a coffee table makeover

Last week I told you about an interior styling course I’m taking online (for only $10). Although I’m a bit behind on my homework, it is so much fun! And that’s the nice thing about this course, you can do it in your own pace. The teacher gives you online feedback as do other students from around the world. I have already connected with people from the USA, Germany and South Africa.

During the course we get to re-style five areas in our home with our own stuff and by applying the 8 basic principles of interior design we were taught in the introductory lesson. It’s like a small Oprah show with Nate Berkus, only this time you have to do all the work yourself. So far the course has taught me how to use the 8 principles, but also how to create balance and play with colour combos and different textures and patterns. Here are 5 take-aways for you to implement today:

  1. Add texture by using different layers, different fabrics, or by adding a rug or throw
  2. Add bling. This can be glass, copper of any other shiny object
  3. Always add botanicals e.g flowers or plants to bring life to the space
  4. It’s OK to mix different patterns, as long as the colour scheme is the same
  5. Diversify in shapes and sizes. When you have a square tray, add something round on top to balance it out.

I’m so happy with the results of restyling my coffee table that I thought I would share it with you. I think it’s fresh, and inviting and perfect for spring and summer. What do you think?


before after 2


books couch IMG_1621 IMG_1637 IMG_1663 pillows


roses shells

Would you like to see more of my home? Then head over to my bedroom here or here or have a look up closer in my livingroom here and here.

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6 thoughts on “Spring forward with a coffee table makeover

  1. That is so pretty. I am actually thinking I might want to follow such a course too although I’ll first have to finish a couple of other projects or ill be in time trouble!

  2. Love these Louise. I especially like the shells. I’m enjoying watching the styling videos, but unfortunately haven’t put them into practice yet. I will soon though when I get ready to add my summer decor.

  3. Hey Louise,

    I was wondering about your experience so far. Do you recommend it? Since i just moved house, almost everything here needs some (re)styling, but i don;t like it all to be too much styled 😉 Do you think it’s a go or a no go for me? And i just looooooove the green shoes!

    1. Definitely a GO. Het is ook maar 8 euri dus veel is er niet te verliezen 🙂 Maar ik vond het erg handig omdat je toch anders naar je huis gaat kijken. Het motiveert en je krijgt ook ideeen door de foto’s van andere studenten te bekijken. Het is inmiddels afgelopen maar de video’s en materiaal blijft altijd beschikbaar. Weet niet of je je nog kunt opgeven. Probeer maar en anders mag je mijn username en password wel gebruiken..

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