A peek inside my home – make-over phase 1

When I bought my apartment 13 years ago, I knew exactly how I wanted to decorate it. Back then, colonial home decor was trendy, and since I have a lot of travel inspired objects and memorabilia from my many trips, I chose to go with the trend. I styled my home with dark teak wooden […]

5 Tips how to organize your bookshelves

Last weekend I finally got round to organizing my bookcase. It was so packed with books that it looked cluttered, even though I had organized it on subject. On top of that I had a pile of books on the floor that started to annoy me. So I took the bold decision of emptying it […]

Spring forward with a coffee table makeover

Last week I told you about an interior styling course I’m taking online (for only $10). Although I’m a bit behind on my homework, it is so much fun! And that’s the nice thing about this course, you can do it in your own pace. The teacher gives you online feedback as do other students […]