A summer salad: Raspberries and smoked chicken

Today I’m sharing another of my simple summer salad recipes with you to minimize time in the kitchen and above the stove. Just because sultry summer evenings are to spend in the garden or on a terrace. My raspberries and smoked chicken salad is colourful and tasty and a mix of different flavours. You can […]

Summer salad: Mixed tomatoes, feta cheese and mackerel

In summer you’d ideally like to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. Barbecuing and quickly prepping a summer salad are much more preferred. The easiest, yet very tasty and healthy, salad full of vitamins is my mixed tomatoes, feta cheese and mackerel salad. I like to take it to work for lunch, […]

The day after: 3 leftover barbecue recipes starring fish

So you had that wonderful and delicious barbecue last night. But I bet you grilled too much and now have your fridge stacked with left overs. Not to worry, cause I’ve got 3 scrumptious recipes to put those remnants of the grilled king prawns, sardines, asparagus, and tomatoes from yesterday to good use. That’s exactly what I […]