Restaurant De Kas in Amsterdam

Restaurant De Kas

For a pure, seasonal food experience in Amsterdam, there is no better place than Restaurant & Nursery De Kas. Located in a set of enormous green houses, dating back to 1926, you can indulge in homegrown and local produce. The menu changes weekly and consists of high quality, fresh products that need little seasoning, and are […]

Unique dining experience on Vuurtoren Eiland (Lighthouse island)

Last week I had the most unique dining experience ever. I had a sunset dinner on Vuurtoren Eiland, which translates Lighthouse island. The deserted island is a one-hour boat ride from the Amsterdam shore, and exclusively for guests who booked this experience. There are limited spots available so it does take endurance and patience to score […]

Amsterdam hot spot: Sugarless

Earlier this month I had a meeting with foodblogger Simone at Sugarless in Amsterdam. As you know I’m on a paleo diet and therefore Sugarless is the perfect place to indulge in all kinds of sweet and savoury food without feeling guilty or derivation from your diet. In a lovely and cozy interior, boasting floral […]