Amsterdam hot spot: Sugarless

Earlier this month I had a meeting with foodblogger Simone at Sugarless in Amsterdam. As you know I’m on a paleo diet and therefore Sugarless is the perfect place to indulge in all kinds of sweet and savoury food without feeling guilty or derivation from your diet. In a lovely and cozy interior, boasting floral fabrics, vintage tea cups, and comfortable arm chairs, they serve brunch, lunch and tea with health conscious, pure and bio ingredients. Think gluten free cakes, sugar free muffins, paleo crackers, fresh bio juices, vegan lunches, or fresh herbal teas. I tried the sugarless, paleo cheese cake with fruit topping. It was delicious! Definitely going back for lunch to this lovely hot spot!

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  1. This is a good tip! Never heard about this place before and I also don’t want to eat sugar anymore. Just started a died similar to Paleo. Still try to figure out how to eat healthy and feel more energetic! Thanks!

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