Trend: Elevated Plants

Spring is the perfect time to clear your deck, and start re-potting and planting. It feels great to invest in something you can enjoy later in the year. Decorating with plants is a huge trend these days. But what is even more trending are plants that are not placed on a dresser, table or window sill, nor on the floor. These days we elevate plants. How? We hang them, we put them on a pedestal or we even attach them to the wall. Macrame is hip, harking back to our youth in the 1970s when complete homes were filled with brown and orange hangers with wooden beads as an embellishment. You now see them in neon colours and without the hippie frills. The traditional pedestal is modernized and comes in sleek designs and popping colours. Scrapwood pallets function as planters attached to a wall. Small glass terrariums dangle down ceilings. Let your plants rise this summer!

On a pedestal



Serax designed beautiful étagères that transform every city garden or patio into an attractive green environment. Inject an oasis of green into your living environment with the Babylon pedestal. And also Ferm living introduced a streamlined minimalist plant stand to their summer collection.

plant pedestal


Macrame is a cool DIY project and budget-friendly way to get on the ball. Also check out the 101 woonideeen blog with a great line up of designs and Etsy shops that sell macrame designs.




Against the wall


vertical gardening

Glass bubbles/terrariums


source: Etsy

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  1. A great post Louise, I really like the hanging planters, they look great as well as the ones against the shelves. I agree with Tina, there are some really great idea’s here. xD

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