Day trip to Tatra National Park

Driving towards the parking lot of the Tatra National Park, the majestic mount Tatra (showing in above photo) slowly magnified through a thick haze of fog and precipitation. The immensity of it and the fog created a mystical atmosphere. After a day of pampering in the Aries Hotel & Spa in nearby mountain village and […]

A short snow break in Zakopane, Poland

A magical winter snow break, skiing not included. That is how I would describe my recent weekend getaway to the Polish ski resort town Zakopane. Tucked in the snow-covered mountains of southern Poland, Zakopane is a small village that is popular amongst locals and hikers who like to brave the Tatra mountains bordering with Slovakia. […]

A winter wonderland outside my doorstep

Europe is covered in snow. I am lucky enough to live adjacent to a big park, where I spend a lot of time photographing. The park is my escape. Almost daily I take an end-of-day walk. And in summer I like to sit myself down on a bench and watch people walking their dog, kids […]

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

The Netherlands is covered in snow! What a pretty site. I always feel that when it snows, and the streets are dreamy white, it gets so quiet and peaceful. Voices and noises are muffled, and all you can hear is the snow crunching under your feet and the sounds of nature: icicles dripping, birds in the bushes, […]