A winter wonderland outside my doorstep

Europe is covered in snow. I am lucky enough to live adjacent to a big park, where I spend a lot of time photographing. The park is my escape. Almost daily I take an end-of-day walk. And in summer I like to sit myself down on a bench and watch people walking their dog, kids on their skateboards, and mommies with strollers go by. It’s the best way to unwind after working all day and staring at a screen. Try to make a habit of it, and you’ll notice the benefits. It slows you down, and gives you peace of mind.  The past few days I took extra long walks  in the winter wonderland right outside my doorstep.



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8 thoughts on “A winter wonderland outside my doorstep

  1. Beautiful photos! We’ve not had much snow yet this winter in Kansas. I like a few good snowstorms when you don’t have to be anywhere and then I’m ready for Spring.

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