Fab Fabrics in IKEA’s 2013 collection

Yesterday I attended the press meeting of IKEA where they presented their 2013 collection and released their 2013 catalogue. The focus of the 2013 collection is: Bringing new life to your home with textiles. A philosophy that completely resonates with me as I spruce up my home every season with new pillow cases and throws. We were also presented with the new catalogue which has a new feature: digital content. Here’s a summary of the press meeting and what IKEA has in store for you the coming year.

As a gift, all press and invitees received a personalized 2013 catalogue and a shopping bag made from one of the latest fabrics. I’m a covergirl!

We got a warm welcome with a delightful lunch of small appetizers and sandwiches. After lunch IKEA released their 2013 catalogue. New this year is the IKEA app that can scan pages by just holding it above a page with a phone-icon, no QR-scanner needed. Somehow the app recognizes the photo, and then unlocks additional content, more inspiration, and films.

The 2013 collection is based on the vision that you can give a new life to something old by using textiles. To exemplify this IKEA brings back the STRANDMON wingback chair, a gorgeous piece that is the modern version of the MK armchair IKEA first released in 1951. Back then, it was a typical lean chair for fathers and grandfathers. Now it’s hot and trendy, and on the front cover of the 2013 catalogue.

However, you can also easily change, cozify, beautify or warm up a room by just adding colour, different textures, or a pattern. I’m in particular thrilled with the ethnic inspired LAPPJUNG collection boasting bold brights, geometric and monochromatic throws and pillows, and tribal patterns.

IKEA encourages us to be bold and be creative with fabrics by e.g. mixing different patterns, using fabric pieces on your wooden furniture, embellishing old furniture or lamps with textile strips, and so on. The sowing machine is back and trendy.

The colour schemes and styles are divers and therefore versatile and appealing to a broad audience. Were it primary colours, romantic roses., lace and pink hues, or indigo and grey. There is so much to choose from. I urge you to go and see for yourself. It’s a feast for your eyes.

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