Travel memories wallpaper

Make a trip around the world with the new wallpaper collection from Room Seven.  The innovative wallpaper collection called Travel Memories, takes you to different locations around the world.  

There are African-inspired wall hangings which rich collages of African wildlife, combined with masks and old prints that evoke the atmosphere of this wonderful continent.

Are you rather an Orient type then the Orient wallpaper fits perfectly. Various oriental motifs in sophisticated style give your room the magical atmosphere and the rich culture of Asia.

The frivolous “Oh-la-la, cest Ça Paris!” wallpaper should also not be missed on this trip. Take a walk along the Seine, Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower, not to exclude the perfumes, the birds, the flowers, the cast iron furniture and the metro.

From there we continue to the Riviera. Wallpaper depicting life along the Mediterranean complete with boats, seagulls, old maps, shells, nautical instruments and even a red-white lighthouse! This on a background of blue with white stripes that evoke the Mediterranean feeling even more.

Since the production of this collection is a collaboration with the Spanish company Coordonne, Spain couldn’t lack. The wallpaper Ole! with music and flamenco guitars is a true Fiesta Gitana.

And as a final destination, there is New York, the city that never sleeps. Step into the famous yellow cab and admire the magnificent skyline!

photos courtesy of Room Seven

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