Paris Cheat Sheet: a nostalgic lunch at Milk

Time flies. It’s been already a month since my visit to Paris. And I still have so much to share with you from that trip! The city of romance can be quite overwhelming and expensive if you don’t know the non-touristy spots. I call them tourist traps: over prized restaurants and attractions for lost tourists who blindly follow the travel guide books and don’t dare to go off the beaten track.  On the contrary, I do go into small alleys and sidestreets, because that is where I always find nice local eateries and cute shops.

While I was fleeing from the bustle around the Sacre Coeur, and wandered around in Montmartre, the 18th arrondisement, I found the most adorable lunchroom and shop on 62 rue d’Orsel called Milk. Milk stands for Mum in her little kitchen, and the name covers its interior without question. When entering Milk it feels like you are stepping out of a time capsule. The small lunchroom looks like a kitchen straight out of your childhood. They have all the fun knickknacks, furniture and toys we used to have in the 70s and early 80s. The retro style fits right into the ambiance of the shopping street packed with vintage shops and small boutiques. The cute flea market style place is packed with mismatched brightly colored tableware and shelves are bursting with bric-brac, jars with home-made chocolate spread and vintage tins. For the 30-something people a place to reminisce while having a lunch, brunch or cup of tea. They serve cakes, crumbles, clafoutis, savory pies, salads, sandwiches and a delightful tiramisu.

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