10 Christmas tree alternatives

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy leaves are so unchanging

What kind of tree are you getting this year? Are you going for a natural one, or do you have an artificial one? Although I love the smell of a pine tree, and the experience of picking the perfect tree, I’m not such a fan of the whole needle shedding. Nonetheless, I know I will be getting a real one again. But for those who want to keep their house clean, or just want a second tree to deck the halls in an alternative way, I selected ten alternative Christmas trees.


This tree from the shop Tierlantijn is made of plywood and is a great way to show of your most favourite baubles or smaller ornaments.


A simple wooden tree to set up in your child’s room or in the kitchen to spread the joy of Christmas throughout your home. The tree is from Muji.


If you have old wooden planks lying around, this might be a cool idea to make use of them.


Plywood Christmas trees seem to be a big trend this year. This one is available at Tierlantijn


Next time you are going for a walk in the woods, collect the most beautiful branches you can find and secure them together with fish wire  into the shape of a tree.


Beautiful and practical is this tree from Tierlantijn to display your most precious ornaments, candles and curiosities.


This idea will require a lot of holes in your wall, but it sure is an eye catcher and great way to show of your Christmas kitchen ware.


I guess there are more people with ladder love besides me. If you are up for something artsy and simple this might be it.


It may be hard to picture, but in some parts of the world Christmas is celebrated in tropical temperatures. So why not incorporate beach elements in your tree?


Bring some Christmas cheer to your home office or creative space by pinning inspirational postcards and pictures above your desk. (source)

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