A Candy Stripe Christmas kitchen

Do you decorate your kitchen for the holidays? I always do. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, a festive nook on your kitchen counter will do the trick. I think it’s important to also bring Christmas cheer to other spaces than just your living and dining room. After all, the kitchen is the space where you spend prepping the holiday food, cookies or mulled wine. Also, you can vary in decorating styles in different spaces, and experiment with a style you wouldn’t use in your living, which I did.

candy stripe themed kitchen

I chose to go with a candy stripe Christmas theme since it evokes the feeling of  a kitchen where cookies are in the oven, hot chocolate is poured in mugs, and cranberry sauce is simmering in a pan. It’s a classic heartsome scene: walnuts in a mason jar, cinnamon sticks, paper straws, a cookie cutter. Find ingredients and accessories that are functional and represent the season to create your ideal nook. Add some evergreen by hanging filled cones on your doorknobs. (For a shopping list of the items used, scroll to the bottom).

christmas cones

Christmas kitchen 2Christmas kitchen

Do you know where the red and white stripes and its association with Christmas comes from?

According to a popular account, in 1670, in Cologne, Germany, the choirmaster at Cologne Cathedral, wishing to remedy the noise caused by children in his church during the Living Crèche tradition of Christmas Eve, asked a local candy maker for some sweet sticks for them. In order to justify the practice of giving candy to children during worship services, he asked the candy maker to add a crook to the top of each stick, which would help children remember the shepherds who paid visit to infant Jesus. In addition, he used the white colour to represent the virgin birth of Jesus, and the red stripes to represent the blood Jesus shed. (source: Wikipedia)

Christmas kitchen 6Christmas kitchen 5Christmas kitchen 4Christmas kitchen 3


Cones, mason jar, towels, red hand towel, paper napkins, cupcake cups with holly – Ikea

straws, rope, gold and christmas cupcake cups, tape on glass – Langzalzeleven.com

apron, tree ornaments, cookie mix, oven mitt – Dille & Kamille

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