It’s the Season of Advent

Today marks the beginning of the season of Advent. I lighted the first candle in my self crafted modern interpretation of an Advent wreath and also in my other playful Advent wreath I showed you earlier this week (click here) I created a special nook for my Advent celebration. The textile with musical notes is from Ikea’s Christmas collection, the framed poster is from Tierlantijn, and the porcelain votive is from Feinedinge.

Today, after church, I’m going on a tree hunt. It’s so much fun to find the perfect tree amongst all the different types and sizes at the garden center. I absolutely love the smell and the entire experience of walking around, finding new baubles and ornaments. Enjoy your Advent Sunday!

(For a description of how I created the Advent wreath, scroll down)

Advent Sunday


Advent nook

advent candles

To create this modern Advent wreath you’ll need:

  • 4 small terra cotta clay pots
  • black paint or any other colour to paint the pots
  • moss
  • decorations like bark, mini baubles, mini apples, artificial snow, walnuts etc
  • 4 tea lights
  • a concrete plate
  • artificial snow (optional)



  • Place the moss on the bottom of the plate
  • Paint the small pottery in the colour of your choice and let dry
  • Arrange your pottery with candles and if needed secure them with wire.
  • Nicely arrange your bark, walnuts, mini baubles etc around the candles.

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