Happy 1st Sunday of Advent

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. I always celebrate the first by putting up the Christmas tree, a lavish brunch and dinner, and by watching my first Christmas movie of the year. It is such a special tradition and makes the whole of the month December extra festive. Happy advent!

Celebrating Advent with 2 DIY evergreen centerpieces

Happy first Advent! The countdown to Christmas has officially begun. This year my Christmas colour palette is copper with rust brown and orangy hues. My DIY advent calendar is spruced up with copper, and so are the two table centerpieces I made with evergreen and flowers. To finish the look I used copper wire to create the […]

Happy Advent with an ombre candle

Happy first Advent everyone! This year, I kept my advent candle arrangement simple but beautiful nevertheless. The ombre candle was a gift by the designer Ulrike Jurklies and therefore extra special. There is no better candle to represent Christmas that is all about love and giving. The countdown has begun… The ombre candle is available […]

It’s the Season of Advent

Today marks the beginning of the season of Advent. I lighted the first candle in my self crafted modern interpretation of an Advent wreath and also in my other playful Advent wreath I showed you earlier this week (click here) I created a special nook for my Advent celebration. The textile with musical notes is […]

DIY: An imaginative and playful take on the Advent wreath

Coming Sunday, December 2nd we celebrate the first Advent Sunday. Advent is a Christian tradition where we celebrate the birth of Christ, starting four weeks before Christmas. Every Sunday you light one candle until you have four lighted candles on Christmas eve. Originally three candles are purple and one pink, as purple symbolizes repentance and […]