DIY: An imaginative and playful take on the Advent wreath

Coming Sunday, December 2nd we celebrate the first Advent Sunday. Advent is a Christian tradition where we celebrate the birth of Christ, starting four weeks before Christmas. Every Sunday you light one candle until you have four lighted candles on Christmas eve. Originally three candles are purple and one pink, as purple symbolizes repentance and pink joy and festivity. But through the years people started to use other colours as well. The four candles are traditionally in a hanging or table top Advent wreath. Nowadays, you also see them in a line.

I took an imaginative and playful take on the Advent wreath and created one in an oversized glass goblet. This DIY (Do it Yourself) project is especially fun to do with your kids and really engages them in the Advent tradition and giving them ownership.

Scroll down to get directions how to recreate this.

Add some artificial snow to make it a winter scene.

To recreate this you need:

  • moss
  • 4 small candles
  • red and white thread (available at Langzalzeleven)
  • a flower bulb
  • Cake decorations of your choice (reindeers, trees, mushrooms) (available at Langzalzeleven)
  • artificial snow (optional)
  • pieces of bark from the craft store
  • paperclips or wire thread
  • pine pods (available at flower shops)


  • place the moss on the bottom
  • make a small hole in the middle and place the flower bulb inside
  • use the paperclips or wire thread to keep the candles in place by inserting them in the candle and then pinning them into the moss
  • arrange the decorations and bark pieces around the candles

My inspiration for this DIY project comes from a DIY project in the e-magazine Artig und Fein which is definitely worth a look.

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