10 Best Luxury Advent Calendars 2017

2017 is definitely the year of the Advent calendar. Not the traditional one that we had when we were kids, the one with a chocolate inside. This year the Advent days are celebrated like it's Christmas every day. We are pulling out all the stops to enhance our countdown till Christmas. Especially the beauty brands have cleverly created boxes that look so good that you just NEED to get one. My favourite is by Dyptique. By the time you finish the last door your home and you will smell so nice with … [Read more...]

Celebrating Advent in the second week

Advent brunch

Happy second Sunday of Advent! I hope you all had a nice first week of Advent. Even if you're not Christian, or aren't practicing your faith, I think the Advent weeks are something to celebrate. I made it my own tradition to do so. I celebrate the coming of Christ, but also the coming of the 25th as a day of joy, love and peace. I do this by making an Advent calendar, lighting the four candles on my advent wreath, and by traditionally trimming the tree on the first Sunday of Advent. But also by … [Read more...]

Happy 1st Sunday of Advent

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. I always celebrate the first by putting up the Christmas tree, a lavish brunch and dinner, and by watching my first Christmas movie of the year. It is such a special tradition and makes the whole of the month December extra festive. Happy advent! … [Read more...]

Celebrating Advent with 2 DIY evergreen centerpieces

Happy first Advent! The countdown to Christmas has officially begun. This year my Christmas colour palette is copper with rust brown and orangy hues. My DIY advent calendar is spruced up with copper, and so are the two table centerpieces I made with evergreen and flowers. To finish the look I used copper wire to create the numbers by spiraling them around my candles. I made one large opulent centerpiece for the dinner table, and a small simple one for the coffee table. … [Read more...]

DIY Advent Calendar

It's hard to believe that in only 5 weeks it's Christmas. The countdown to the holidays is such a festive period. Right after Thanksgiving I hurry to buy a tree and start decorating. An Advent calendar is also part of the anticipation. This year I started to craft mine early. I was inspired by the many decorating trends like copper, black, and candle holders in the shape of houses. I decided to make small boxes like little houses that hold small gifts. (scroll down for directions and the … [Read more...]

Happy second Advent Sunday

I just love the Advent Sundays. They are perfect to stay inside while it's cold and dark outside. They are perfect to enjoy your Christmas decorations and add more seasonal touches to your home, or to read a book or magazine and drink hot chocolate. Advent Sundays are perfect to bake cookies, or cook a stew, to make chocolate spoons for your holiday guests, to watch a classic Audrey Hepburn movie, or gift wrap Christmas presents. I love Advent Sundays! Have a good second Advent Sunday, and enjoy … [Read more...]

Light up your matches

I'm burning lots of candles these days, and with Christmas and advent even more. That means I also use a lot of matches. In several stores I saw beautiful boxes for Christmas, but often quite costly. That gave me the idea to spruce up an ordinary cheap match box. It looks much more attractive on your coffee table or kitchen counter and that way you don't have to tuck them away but can leave them within reach and within sight. Just pick your most beautiful gift wrapping paper, and cut and paste … [Read more...]