Advent brunch

Celebrating Advent in the second week

Happy second Sunday of Advent! I hope you all had a nice first week of Advent. Even if you’re not Christian, or aren’t practicing your faith, I think the Advent weeks are something to celebrate. I made it my own tradition to do so. I celebrate the coming of Christ, but also the coming of the 25th as a day of joy, love and peace. I do this by making an Advent calendar, lighting the four candles on my advent wreath, and by traditionally trimming the tree on the first Sunday of Advent. But also by having festive brunches and dinners on the four Advent Sundays. To make it extra special I cook with seasonal treats. It’s my way of creating little moments of luxury and celebrating the month of December to the fullest.

In the photos below you see that I made figs wrapped in parma ham with goatcheese in the oven. An artisan bread, and eggs with tomatoes, onions and goat cheese, greek yoghurt, and pommegranate complete the feast.

Advent brunchAdvent brunch

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